August 9, 2010


In the mood to blog but I cannot quite decide what I have to say...entonces here are some things currently in my head. :)
  1. Started back to school today (teachers only) - it felt like I had just been there yesterday. Needless to say this was somewhat unsettling, but Kelsi made a good point in saying that it must mean we had awesome summers if we are so sad to see them end. I definitely did!
  2. On the upside of going back to school I saw all my coworkers again and it reminded me of how much I love working with a bunch of other people who love learning and traveling and just experiencing new things.
  3. Speaking of new...there are six new teachers this year and I am psyched to get to know all of them better! They are definitely in the same place I was in the beginning, sort of wide-eyed and taking it all in moment by moment, but I think over time we will get to know them more and I can't wait!
  4. My classroom is even more Minnesota Twins themed than last year - and Kelsi stole me some red butcher paper from the primary section today so I can compliment my blue bulletin board and stick with the Twins theme. She is such a good roommate.
  5. On our living situation - we don't have a working oven. The stove works, but the oven needs to be gas operated and we don't have a gas hookup so we would need a propane tank and well...that just seems complicated to figure out in Colombia. But we made these amazing baked oatmeal bars at the end of last year and I am totally craving them so I think its a problem that must be solved.
  6. Have you read this yet? SO SO SO good. I love John Mayer.
  7. This season of Entourage is blowing my mind. Seriously. It started out totally shaky and I got anxious about maybe it wasn't going to be as good, but oh no, it's fabulous.
  8. I am nervous about starting another year of school, and when I am nervous I don't sleep and have weird dreams and procrastinate going to bed and and and make things on :)
Photo of the mother and brother on our family vacation to Cuchara, Colorado this summer.
More constructive comments coming soon, I hope!


Melody said...

I don't know about Cali, but in Pereira it is really easy to get gas. We don't need it because we have gas in our apartment, but this is what you do... There are trucks that drive around all the time and bang a loud annoying bell and they sell propane tanks. You can buy them from them and then return the tank when it is empty--I think you get a discount then. Anyway, you should talk to your portero because I think you can leave money with them and if the gas truck guy drives buy he can buy the gas for you. I don't know how hard it is to hook up, but it can't be too difficult!

BTW, I think we decided on the Bogota-Villa de Leyva-San Gil trip. Do you know where you stayed in Villa de Leyva? Did you stay there?

kelsi said...

Wow. I was referenced twice in this post! Love it. It makes me feel famous.

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