September 25, 2010

Ingrid Betancourt on Oprah

Last spring I read Ingrid Betancourt's book 'Til Death Do Us Part and discussed it on this blog. (Remember she was the French Colombian woman who wanted to run for president in 2002 but she was captured by guerillas before she got a chance to do so...) I have yet to read her second book, Every Silence Has An End, the one she wrote after being kidnapped by the guerilla for six years, but I still am very interested in her.

I think she is as much of a conversation topic for Colombia today as she was eight years ago before she was kidnapped. She remains a controversial and political figure in this country, who I happen to find fascinating.

Last week she talked on Oprah about some of her experiences in captivity and since. Check it out by clicking on the picture here:
"I have never heard a more incredible story of survival,
of strength, of courage in my life," Oprah says.

For more from this appearance on Oprah check out all the video of Ingrid here.

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