January 13, 2010

Colombia: Land of Horrible Coffee

Since arriving in Colombia I have often been puzzled by my struggles to locate a truly delicious cup of coffee. Where are all those fabulous beans of Colombian coffee that seem to frequent coffee shops all over America?

Turns out they're all exported. Someone seriously should have informed me of this prior to moving to this country. While the local version of Starbucks, Juan Valdez, certainly brews a decent cup, other acceptable brews are few and far between.
And don't just take my word for it, turns out other visitors are beginning to realize the strange paradox that is a cup of coffee in Colombia. Check out this article in the Boise Weekly by John Otis. Perhaps I will have to make it my own personal mission to stay until I find decent cups of coffee all over Colombia? Who knows.

For the time being...you can find my on a sidewalk patio at Juan Valdez...probably trying to plan out the next five months of Algebra, a task which apparently slipped my mind somewhere between the moto rides, beaches, delicious food and jungle hikes of winter break. Shoot.


Nicole said...

I just finished EAT PRAY LOVE as well and loved it! I also just finished her second book 'Committed'and was not impressed. I was looking for more information on her relationship with Felipe; but the book basically focuses on the history of marriage in different cultures and only includes one chapter or so on their relationship together.

Nicole said...

PS: Would love to do a joint trip with you through Spain. I've never been and would be great to travel with someone who knows which way is up! :) lets lock it in!!

Anonymous said...

hello Kristin, I am a native New Yorker thinking of moving to Cali soon. I've been teaching for the past 5 years and would love to pick your brain about the intricacies of living and teaching abroad. Is there an email i can contact you at?

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