January 24, 2010

Weekend Recap: brits, hope for haiti & travel money

Well friends, here we are the end of another weekend! This weekend my friends Emma and Monica, two girls from England who Allison and I met in Ciudad Perdida, stopped through Cali on their backpacking tour of Colombia. I loved seeing them again and getting to share Cali with them -- if only for a few days!

  • We got direct TV installed...the guys showed up late so we didn't get TV in time for me to watch the Hope for Haiti concert. :( So...for now I have been checking out the You Tube videos and might be convinced to buy the itunes soundtrack. I know that I have only seen bits and pieces, but I have not seen musical compilations this inspiring since the Obama inauguration concert. :) Some quick comments on the performances I have seen so far:
  • Justin Timberlake & Matt Morris singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. MASTERPIECE. I love love love this song, even though it always makes me want to cry and basically reminds me of the last episode of season one of The OC. (No judgement, thank you very much, I love(d) that show!!) Their voices blended together perfectly and Justin Timberlake on piano?? Amazing.
  • Bruce Springsteen singing "We Shall Overcome". I have made no secret of my love for the Boss, but the guy really is fabulous. There is no 60-year-old man more awesome than Springsteen. This version was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't help but love his short words at the beginning, offering up his song contribution as "a small prayer for Haiti".
  • Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bono and the Edge singing Stranded. This was...creative.
  • Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock singing Lean On Me. (I missed viewing this the first time around - good thing my mother knows how much I love KU and informed me of this performance!!)
  • Took the girls out for some salsa dancing action, since that is what Cali is really known for. We went out with some friends from school to a place near my apartment called Tin Tin Deo, where you can sit at tables around a decent size dance floor. Kelsi and I put some of our new salsa dancing skills to work! :)
  • Thanks to the fact that I now have Twitter I found out that John Mayer and Keith Urban are teaming up on Country Music Television's show Crossroads. (Crossroads pairs country music artists with musicians from other genres, where the two swap stories and share their love for music) AMAZZZZZING! Seeing as how both of them rank in my top 5 artists I cannot WAIT to see what they come up with together!!! They are recording on Tuesday and air date is TBD. LOVE. :)
  • Helped Emma upload lots of pictures to Facebook using iphoto. I love my Mac book. :)
  • Went out to dinner in Granada, the bar/restaurant section of Cali. We went to Platillos Voldares (Flying Plates) where I had some of the best tofu green curry ever created. (Or maybe I was just super hungry cause I missed lunch, but it tasted delicious!)
Out to dinner with the girls.
Emma and I.
Emma and Monica.
  • Met up with friends at Bourbon Street, a New Orleans themed bar that basically makes you forget you're in Colombia. We had some drinks to celebrate Catie's birthday and enjoyed some lovely American cover songs by a Colombian band of guys who looked about 15. Awesome.
  • Spent about an hour looking up flights for Semana Santa (Spring Break), summer, and Argentina. Turns out I need about $2000 just to travel the hemisphere in the upcoming months. Anyone?? Now accepting donations, thank you very much.
  • Spent about three hours shopping at Unicentro. Found some fabulous after Christmas sales, Juan Valdez coffee, and saw pretty much every non-Colombian teacher I know at my school. Ridiculous.
  • And now? My fabulous house guests are in the process of making a fabulous meal of fajitas for their last night here. LOVE them.
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!

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Ilse said...

So you like green curry now??? so excited. when you come home, we shall eat curry until it comes out of our ears.

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