January 16, 2010

the vacation's over. back to school we go!

This week marked my official return to real life. Turns out I do have a job and I don't just get to travel around Colombia indefinitely, regardless of appearances over Christmas vacations. Shoot. I kind of fell in love with this whole travel around, hang out with friends, wake up when I want, and not lesson plan.
I can't lie though...I was so excited to get back to school! Over break I realized how much I really do love all of my friends and co-workers here and my students (most of them!) too. I missed everyone and was excited to hear about their adventures over vacation. The night before our first teacher day back I could barely sleep and with just five hours of sleep in me I woke up before my alarm. Ridiculous, I know. But I just love seeing everyone again!
At the end of this week I am starting to settle back into the routine again, however I still have lots of lesson planning to do since I neglected to find time during break to think about the wonders of Algebra One. Whoops. Seeing my students again has been great, and I enjoyed hearing about all of their breaks as well. In true wealthy, private school kid form several of them told me about their time in San Andres (remember the island in the Caribbean I visited over Thanksgiving?) on a boat...which about 20 of them went on and went tubing behind for an entire day in San Andres. Ridiculous. :)
Next week things will really start to get busy again with meetings, after school tutorials, activities and our new unit on linear inequalities. Should be riveting.

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