January 21, 2010

So I Joined Twitter

Hmm...after considering this for the past few months I have succumbed to yet another form of social media and joined the world of Twitter. What finally prompted this necessity in my life? I received a pre-season email from the Minnesota Twins, found out they have a team Twitter account and decided I needed more Twins news in my life. Preferably just down into short 140 character increments I can easily scan between teaching sections of 8th grade algebra. Perfect.
Don't worry, I am also following the Pioneer Press and Cities 97 to obtain a full variety of Twin Cities news in addition to my Twins fix. :) Beyond reading what other organizations and people put out there in the world of Twitter I don't quite know what else to do with it. I recognize it's this great tool and resource for many people, especially those who can update or check updates from their cell phones. However, Colombia doesn't support that quite yet so in the meantime my Twitter use will be limited to any time I actually sit down in front of my computer. Anyone out there using Twitter have thoughts, comments or suggestions? Let me know!
In other news, the two girls that Allison and I met on our Ciudad Perdida trip, Monica and Emma, are coming to Cali this weekend! They are both from England originally and are just taking some time off to travel right now. They are fun, hilarious and great ladies, so I cannot wait to see them again! They are staying at my apartment for the weekend while I show them around Cali a bit. Tomorrow we have plans for some salsa dancing - can't wait! Happy almost Friday everyone!

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