August 18, 2011

Scenes from a Midwestern Summer {part two}

Well the first day of school is a week behind me and I have been been back in Colombia for two weeks now (minus a weekend side trip - details to come!), so here is the end-of-the-summer post. After part one of the summer and weekend trip to San Antonio, the rest of my time in the states flew by. Basically, it went something like this:

  • Anna came home for the weekend and we attended Maria's bachelorette party together. This turned into a great night and a fun way to get to know other girls we would see at the wedding.
  • After the weekend, I hitched a ride with Anna & Andy back to Wyoming for a chance to check out their home from the last year, in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Beyond seeing the sites Thermop had to offer, we stopped off at the Corn Palace on the way there, saw the world's largest rodeo in Cody, Wyoming, saw Zac Brown Band at Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming and finished with some brewery tours in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • A quick visit to Duluth, Minnesota - a place I have grown to love over the years, but haven't had many opportunities to really appreciate as an adult. Even just 24 hours in the city made me understand why so many people love to call it home...maybe I will one day too?
  • ONE MORE Twins game with the family. We took a potential 2011 Christmas card photo, took in the game, they lost (shocking...), and went out drinking with my mother afterwards. It was an excellent last Friday night in Minnesota.
  • Watched my 16-year-old baby brother run his first triathlon! He looked awesome the whole time and we had a blast cheering for him along the race!
  • Attended Caleb & Angie's wedding (they used to teach with me in Colombia, but have since moved home back to Minnesota - so we will still get to see each other!!). They had a gorgeous ceremony overlooking the Chippewea River in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and a fun reception to follow!
  • One last night with assorted friends and family in downtown Minneapolis that led to me getting exactly 75 minutes of sleep before my 16 hour travel day back to Colombia. Story of my life.
Anna and I with Maria the bachelorette!

Welcome to Wyoming!

My new obsession - Peace Tea. Only 99 cents and delicious as enjoyed throughout all of western South Dakota.

Out for a hike in Gebo, about 20 minutes from Thermopolis.

An eventful evening in Cheyenne finished with the Zac Brown Band concert at Frontier Days! They played all of our favorites including a super fun version of "Knee Deep" and a hauntingly amazing version of "Free".

Colorado for the day to tour breweries and for me to fly out of Denver!

Side trip to Duluth, Minnesota overlooking the Duluth lighthouse.

Family outside Target Field!

Parents cheering on Danny as he finishes the 5K.

Finishing strong!

Out with college friends at the Shouthouse in Minneapolis.

Friends :)

A fun-filled end to another amazing summer that reminds me exactly why I am a Minnesota girl to my core. Thanks to all my friends and family who went out of their way to make time for me to visit, hang out and reunite this summer. Love you!

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