December 8, 2011

Revisiting My Classroom (with mom!)

Having visitors to a place where you live (or work!) always brings a feeling of "new-ness" to somewhere that you have gotten used to over time. While for me, my school has become a place where I go to work everyday, for anyone who visits me, it is a tropical paradise of exotic plants, animals (casual iguanas anyone?), and lots of open air spaces. This was the exact case when my mom visited over Thanksgiving. Not surprisingly, she loved the school and my students, so much so that she came back for a second day! Here are a few pictures she snapped on that day.... While it is hard to understand just how big my pre-K to 12 campus is, this gives you an idea of how it looks from a visitors eye! Plus, her pictures are much better than the ones I took when I first got to Colombia.

On the window to my classroom! Welcome to K1.

Work hard, play hard.

 My students just completed a project where they wrote their own creative stories to follow the rising and falling slopes of lines. Here are some of the best ones hung up in the back of my classroom!

 Essentials, obvio.

 Giant tree in the courtyard right outside my classroom door. The building in the distance houses the tiny, little people known as 6th graders.

Primary gymnasium - covered but generally outdoors. 

Sunflowers visible from the entrance of my school. Each flower represents a different community within the school - parents, students, teachers, etc.

Welcome to my school!  

Looking down the hill from the main entrance towards the auditorium. 

Walking past the auditorium, down to K block, where my classroom is located! 

In the courtyard outside the 7th and 8th grade classrooms.

I'm sure at some point in my future when I find myself in rush hour traffic in the middle of a Midwestern winter I will be looking back on these pictures, taken at the end of November, with fondness....and jealousy. In the mean time, I hope it gives you some perspective on what my day-to-day life is like here in Cali!

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