March 20, 2012

A Wee Bit O' Irish in Colombia

On Monday of this week I had the day off from school for the Feast Day of St. Joseph, observed by Christians around the world, in celebration of the Virgin Mary's husband. While I am not really sure what Colombians do to commemorate this national holiday besides go to mass, it was a holiday nonetheless.

On Saturday night, we celebrated a different saint here in our apartment with less Christian-observation and more green-beer-drinking.  It all started when our friend Sam suggested via a Facebook message to Kelsi and I that "someone" host a St. Patrick's Day party. We got the hint and decided to step up, despite both of us having to be at school by 7:00 AM on Sunday morning for the Destination Imagination tournament. I sent out this adorbs picture of Neil Patrick Harris' (AKA Barney Stinson's) twin babies dressed up for St. Patrick's Day to get our friends in the spirit and we went about brainstorming green foods and drinks.

Thankfully Sam stepped up and helped with some DIY green shirts and of course we invited Cassie because she looks up awesome themed treats online, makes them, and then shares. In the end we ended up with a sampler platter of green tortilla espanola, rainbow cupcakes, a rainbow fruit platter, chocolate wrapped as gold coins, guacamole, green beer and grasshoppers. Yum!

The evening ended up being mostly relaxing girl-talk and eating while we waited for the boys to show up two hours later. Once they got here, projector in hand we spent about an hour watching March Madness games projected on a wall of our apartment.  In the end we headed out to an English pub in Cali, only to find it CLOSED! so we pretty much called it a night and prepared for our 6:30 wake up call. Overall, a relaxing, fun, green-filled St. Patrick's Day!

Jess, Sam, Kelsi, me & Cassie in our newly painted shirts!

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