June 13, 2012

Paz y Salvo

Colombia has this thing called a Paz y Salvo (in English: Peace and Safe) that is basically a piece of paper that indicates you have done everything you said you were going to at some point in time. For example, after cancelling our Direct TV subscription, they had to come to our apartment to pick up the cable box and then the guy wrote me a Paz y Salvo indicating they had done just that. Kelsi and I signed a Paz y Salvo with our landlord indicating we left the place in good condition, paid our current bills, etc. In order to get paid for the final time, we have an academic Paz y Salvo to complete which is really more like a scavenger hunt around campus looking for signatures. The department head, principal, curriculum coordinator, librarians, etc. all need to sign it. As much as this whole Paz y Salvo business seems like just another hoop to jump through (and in some ways it is), I actually think it is a good idea for holding people accountable when all I really want to do is daydream about summer vacation.

That being said here are the things on my self-created "Paz y Salvo" before leaving Colombia in just nine (NINE!!!!) short days:

  • Attend another fabulous Despedida (goodbye) Party at Rita & Sam's apartment this weekend! Dance the night away and hang out with all my friends :)
  • Pack epic amounts of things in what I am hoping will end up being just 4 (FOUR!) checked bags. Remember when I moved my whole life home in four bags? It's happening. Never mind that Anna and I once filled up my Dad's entire Ford Explorer after just three weeks home from college during Christmas vacation...
  • GIVE AWAY even more epic amounts of things because I might be frugal about Tupperware and want to keep the IKEA bowls I bought before moving to college in August 2005, but I am more frugal about not paying obscene overweight baggage fees with American Airlines.
  • Spend a few hours reading in my hammock and appreciating our balcony.
  • Drink fresh fruit juice at all possible opportunities.
  • Sit around at Juan Valdez in Unicentro with Kelsi and talk about nothing and everything all at the same time.
  • Organize and attend a goodbye dinner the night before Kelsi leaves for California (and two nights before Stetson and I leave for Minnesota) at our favorite Cali restaurant, Platillos Voladores.
  • Finish watching the rest of this season of TV so that Kelsi and I are all caught up for next season...when I will be needing new TV buddies and/or having weekly Skype dates with her during our favorite shows.
  • Say goodbye to all my current students at 8th Grade Graduation on Friday and all my past students throughout the day on Thursday and Friday. Most likely cry during no less than 15 of these goodbyes.
  • Drink one more coffee malteada at Macondo Coffee Shop in San Antonio.
  • Go on one last weekend movie date with Kelsi, Stetson and friends.

...what else am I missing?!?!?

Cheers to the next 9 days of enjoying all the wonderful things I love about Cali, Colombia!


Sergio is Somewhere said...

this is such a great analogy slash idea, kristin! i wish i had thought of it. i mean, i still could steal it...but i won't. how you get all your "firmas"! let me know if i can help...

n said...

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