June 22, 2009

To Chicago??

School is officially out for summer and I'm back at home after finishing student teaching. Driving out of La Crosse for the last time definitely felt weird, as I have come to consider it home over the last four years. While I know it is certainly a place I will visit often, a part of me cannot imagine not living there.

Back at home I am trying to gather all the necessary documents to obtain a visa at the Colombian Consulate in Chicago. After forking over $55 of my life to the state of Colorado they have agreed to send me my birth certificate with an apostille seal on it in 14 days. Great. $35 dollars to the state of Wisconsin will ensure me my college diploma with an apostille in 6 days. Awesome. Today I believe I will be going to Walgreenes to get passport sized photos taken. Tomorrow I'm getting a shot so that I do not get yellow fever. Overall, moving to a different country is a lot of work.

So now the question remains...when exactly am I going to get to Chicago to get a visa?? This upcoming weekend I am going to Milwaukee to see Keith Urban at Summerfest, an outdoor music festival. Therefore, I thought Chicago would be a lovely side trip, but I'm not sure when my birth certificate and diploma will be arriving. Thus, perhaps I will be squeezing Chicago into 4th of July weekend??? Basically I have no idea when I'm going there...shoot.

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