June 9, 2009

13-18 Weeks...really??

Turned in my license application today!! One notary signature, two sets of fingerprints, and $100 of my life later I should be a licensed teacher in 13 - 18 weeks. Thanks Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. :)

This is my last week of student teaching, and after 18 weeks I cannot believe the next time I'm in a classroom the students will be mine...and the classroom will be mine. WEIRD. However, exciting at the same time. I'm getting a little bit nervous for setting up my classroom and deciding on rules/guidelines/policies and everything that goes along with having a well run classroom. During student teaching I have just used the practices of my cooperating teachers, which have all been very effective, but now I need to come up with my own style of management and discipline.

In other news...tomorrow morning I leave my house at 6:00 am to be at school by 6:15 am to ride on the bus with my students for 2 1/2 hours to an amusment park in Minnesota (Valleyfair). The experience will be a bit surreal since I went to Valleyfair on my 8th grade trip. However, I am excited for everything except maybe the bus ride. And I do not really appreciate that most coffee shops open at 7 am. Perhaps the bus driver will want to make a brief side stop???

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