July 11, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation...So Far

I have been in the United States eighteen days now and will be for seventeen more. My type A math major brain tells me this is the perfect time for an update :)
Overall it feels like I have been here a lot longer than that, which is probably the best surprise of summer this far. Coming home for just a few weeks to see so many people I felt really nervous that I was never going to have time to settle in and enjoy my time with family and friends. I thought the entire summer would feel like a blur.
Things are certainly happening quickly, but I have already done a lot in a short time. To briefly summarize my Minnesotan escapades so far, here are some of my summer activities...
  • Coffee dates
  • Visiting Aunt Susie in Colorado Springs - what I learned from this is that I need to live in Colorado at some point in life.
  • FIRST visit to Target Field (new Minnesota Twins stadium) - one more to go this summer! I cannot believe this gorgeous stadium is ours!! It felt like going to an away game...
  • Midnight showing of Eclipse. I am now 100% Team Jacob and 100% a proud Twilight Saga addict. Nevermind the Edward shirt in the photo - it's not mine.
  • Breakfast dates at Day by Day Cafe
  • Jamba Juice - so delicious.
  • Family vacation to Cuchara, Colorado
  • Bumming around the University of Nebraska - Lincoln while brother Michael registered for classes
  • Enjoying the Minnesota lakes :)
  • Shopping - Kohls, Old Navy, Forever 21, Ikea, Bibelot, Urban Outfitters, Victoria's Secret, American Eagle...there are so many more choices in the States!
  • Entertaining weekend guests!
Hope your summer is off to a fabulous start! More details to come from the second half of vacation...


doniree said...

You were in COLORADO!? WHA?! Sad I missed you, but love to know you loved visiting here and I love your MN pictures - esp the Day by Day Cafe and the Lakes! Two of my fave things about being in the cities :)

Kristin said...

Haha yes I was in Colorado - but it was over the 4th and if I remember right you were in California??? Or something like that. Glad you like the pics :)

Bethany said...

So glad you're having a fun summer! I'm happy to read other blogs where people don't have time to blog either...hehe!

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