December 19, 2010

Love Actually Is All Around

Countless Christmas movies tell the stories of people headed home for the holidays. In planes, trains and automobiles, people all over the world travel to be with loved ones during the Christmas season.

This is the first year I have joined the masses in the commute to home. Growing up we always lived within an hour of both sets of grandparents, so we never traveled far for Christmas. Even in college, the two and a half hour drive home from La Crosse, Wisconsin never seemed long. This Saturday I spent 16 hours, from start to finish, headed home for the holidays.

You know what I discovered? Traveling for Christmas is magical. Actually magical; it makes you believe that anything can happen. People are happier. They set up entire Christmas display scenes in airports. There are a million holiday drinks at Starbucks (cause they have those in the United States – love!) and guess what? I am pretty confident they are all delicious. People remember to say thank you. Boarding gates are decorated with bows and garland. Basically it’s a time to remember that love actually is all around.

Despite my seven-hour layover in the no-free-wireless Miami airport, the whole airport experience felt more pleasant than dreadful. Who knows if my return to Cali in twelve short days will be just as pleasant, but in the meantime…if you need some joy in your life I highly recommend your local airport.

Traveling through the Miami airport with fellow teachers:
Angie, Nira, Caleb and Stetson (and one elf)!

Safe travels,


Bethany said...

That's very true! I've traveled some at the holiday time and really enjoy it....but then again I really do like traveling at any time! Enjoy your Christmas at home :)

kelsi said...

Hahhaha. This is so cute. However, I think i need to write a rebuttal. It would be epic.

Kristin said...

Yes Kelsi, a rebuttal would be epic. Do it :)

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