May 8, 2011

A Weekend at Club Los Andes

A few months ago I won a weekend stay for four at Club Los Andes during our annual school bingo fundraiser. A few of us have been wanting to get together for a bachelorette type party before our friend Angie is married in August, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Located about 45 minutes from Cali, the club is easy to get to and we were sitting poolside by noon on Saturday! Saturdays are never a big day for people to be out and about in Colombia, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. This was nice because we relaxed a lot without having tons of people around, but also left us to fend for ourselves a lot.

Basically we spent our time at the wave pool (not as exciting as it sounds...), the water slides (definitely as fun as they sound!), catching up on girl talk, reading (Hunger Games series anyone? Can't put it down!) and bowling.

Angie and Tara at the wave pool.

Poolside photo shoot!

The time we went bowling and learned that I am terrible but Kelsi has crazy good hidden bowling skills.

Me, Angie, Kelsi and Tara

Velco, really?

Despite some mishaps like missing dinner for lack of knowing the restaurant schedule, the weekend was great. Tara and Angie are both amongst the group of teachers leaving Colombia at the end of school year and I know I will miss them a lot next year, so it was nice to be able to spend some time with them away from the craziness of school. This upcoming weekend we are also headed to the Pacific Coast to soak up some sun, so I look forward to many more sun-filled memories as another school year seems to be rushing to an end...

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I haven't been bowling in ages - looks like fun :)

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