June 7, 2011

Five Years (Prompt 8)


There will be an agreement in whatever variety of actions, they be each honest and natural in their hour. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What would you say to the person you were five years ago? What will you say to the person you'll be in five years?

{these are my people, this is where i come from}

My Response:

To the person I was five years ago...

Dear 18-year-Kristin,

See those beautiful girls in that last photo you took the night before you all moved to college? Well, you didn't realize it then, but they were going to hold you together through everything for the next five years. You might not all still talk everyday, but they are your soul mates, your 4 AM phone calls, your core. The people who remind you that home is not just a place, but a feeling. Treat them well. Cherish them. Visit them in college (more than once, even though you get busy). Do not under any circumstances let them settle for being the very best, most intelligent, sexy, kind-hearted women you know. Help them make their dreams come true.

Speaking of college - good call on choosing University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. You don't know it now, but in five years that little city on the Mississippi will hold as much a place in your heart as Minnesota does. When it comes time to leave it all behind for the next adventure you will find yourself shocked at how fast the time went by. In fact, you will probably regret any moments you didn't spend making the most of it, so revel in those times that it made you feel young and alive. Roller-blading with Anna through the marsh trail. Standing in line for Jeff & Jim's Pizza at 2 AM. Tutoring students in the math tutor center. Running into friends at Murphy Library late at night. The first sunny days of spring when the campus comes alive with activity.

As for that boy you're dating? Well, it doesn't last forever, but you will know more about yourself in two years than you ever could have imagined. I wish the whole experience wouldn't make you guard your heart so closely in the future, but someday you will open it up again. And you will still call that boy your friend in five years, so it works out okay.

As for your dreams? To become a teacher, to study abroad, to make lots of new friends and stay close to the old, to go out into the world and make it your own? Yeah, they pretty much all come true. You work hard for it, but you get a lot of help along the way - don't ever forget to be grateful for that.

And 23 is so completely the new 18 - the best is yet to come ;) See you in the future


To the person I will be in five years...

Oh heyyy there gorgeous,

Guess what? You probably still have no idea where the crazy path of life is taking you, but you have accepted it so much more. Plus, it helps that you have a fabulous job teaching in Chicago Public Schools with colleagues who inspire you and students you care about.

You remain eternally grateful for the experiences and people you met while teaching in Colombia, but you came home when you were ready to and it was the perfect time. These years of living closer to family and friends again have been invaluable to your happiness. Plus in a few months you will be able to get together with Joe and Michael to take Danny out for his 21st birthday...so I mean, obviously your presence in the Midwest is essential.

Speaking of essential...where did you ever end up on that whole love thing? Please tell me we married a boy who plays guitar. For obvious reasons. But seriously, is it someday yet? Did you open up a heart long afraid to feel? Cause if you haven't....well...get it together. Pronto. Cause I think we might be missing out on that one.

As your twenties come to a close, stay true to the things that got you here - faith, loyalty, relationships, laughter and passion.

And you better have already started planning a fabulous 30th birthday trip.

During which you will take stunning photographers, cause oh yeah, you're a photographer now. Mad props.

Stay fabulous,
Kristin Mauer


kelsi said...
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kelsi said...

Kristin Mauer, huh? Well, I will definitely be visiting you in Chicago and plan to attend your epically awesome 30th birthday bash wherever you decide to celebrate it. And hopefully bringing my steady +1 along with me. yeah, that's right: my cute, hilarious and mullet free +1.

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