June 14, 2011

Visit Every MLB Ballpark (Prompt 15)


Do your work, and I shall know you. Do your work, and you shall reinforce yourself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Take a moment, step back from your concerns, and focus on one thing: You have one life to achieve everything you've ever wanted. Sounds simple, but when you really focus on it, let it seep into your consciousness, you realize you only have about 100 years to get every single thing you've ever wanted to do. No second changes. This is your only shot. Suddenly, this means you should have started yesterday. No more waiting for permission or resources to start. Today is the day you make the rest of your life happen. Write down one thing you've always wanted to do and how you will achieve that goal. Don't be afraid to be very specific in how you'll achieve it: once you start achieving, your goals will get bigger and your capability to meet them will grow.

My Response:
To answer this prompt I looked over to my Life List for one of my goals. The first thing I saw was item #1: See a game at all 30 Major League ballparks.

{At Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins}

I love baseball more than any other sport. I love the game, the drama of it, the beer, the hot dogs, the catchers, the 7th inning stretch, the crazy statistics, the feeling of cheering for a hometoen team....everything. I have been to 5 of the 20 MLB ballparks and my goal is to get to the other 25 sometime in this lifetime.

How am I going to make that happen?
  1. Prioritize travel in my life.
  2. Don't save the hard ones for last! (Hard ones being places that are further away, I don't really want to go to or have somewhat undesirable ballparks - i.e. New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Toronto BlueJays, Florida Marlins)
  3. Double up as much as possible! Several major cities have two teams and some parks on the East Coast are pretty close to each other, so whenever possible see two or even three parks in one trip! (Angels/Dodgers, Yankees/Mets, Cubs/White Sox, Oakland/San Francisco)
  4. Go visit friends/family who live near ballparks :)
Offers to travel with me, pay for it, or host me in a MLB city near you are welcome.


Warren Talbot said...

When you get to Seattle, let us know. We have some amazing friends there who would absolutely love to show you around and enjoy some time at a Mariner's game. Plus, we know the best guy to get your hot dog from when you get to the park.

Cannot wait to read about your journey.

Kristin said...

Awesome, thanks Warren! Happy trails as you guys head off to Thailand! :)

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