September 19, 2011

My Love for Rupert Pupkin & Fall TV

I have said it before, but this is a special time of year when it bears repeating...

The new school year is well underway, the Minnesota air smells of crisp leaves and apples, jeans & sweatshirt weather is just around the corner, and all one wants to do is cuddle up to watch some fabulous TV. Or if you happen to live in Colombia, where the temperature is about 83 degrees year round all you want to do is sit in pajamas on your bed with your roommate while you discuss all your favorite people-who-aren't-really-your-BFFs-but-you-talk-about-them-like-they-are-real-people-in-your-lives-anyway.

Fall TV season kicked off last night with the Emmys, so of course Kelsi and I made a dedicated TV watching date to check out all our favorite stars. So! Many! Amazingly! Hilarious! People! Jane Lynch hosted an elegant, hysterical show right from her opening act (if you missed it, watch that link right this second, please and thank you) with a background of various other characters throughout the night.

Now...while my love for TV shows is spread among many, there are five special men whose appearance on screen made me yell to Kelsi to get out of the shower cause "THEY'RE ON!!!"

In all their fabulousness, the men of Entourage: Kevin Connolly (E), Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold). Adrian Grenier (Rupert Pupkin (alias) AKA Vincent Chase), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle), and Kevin Dillon (Johnny Drama). After wrapping the 8th and final season of Entourage, which just finished airing last week, the boys appeared together to present two awards last night. Seeing them on stage together made me remember how sad I am that EIGHT SEASONS of ridiculous shenanigans are now over for good. (Albeit there is a lot of talk for an Entourage movie)

As much as I am a loyal Sex & the City girl, there is just something I have found hysterical about watching these five men "grow up" together on TV for eight seasons. Their quick-witted humor, brotherly bashing of each other, sense of adventure, and how much they truly cared about each other deep down made Entourage a fantastic show. And to be honest, there really isn't another one like it on TV right now. I am the first to admit that shows like Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, the OC, Gossip Girl, etc. sometimes seem like the same plot, different setting, but not Entourage. This show (like its female counterpart in SATC) broke boundaries of what it meant for four guys to be best friends, live together and work together in LA. And have a hell of a time doing it.

The men of Entourage will be sorely missed on TV this season...I mean, what's not to love there??? Thank goodness there are new episodes and new shows to keep us company while we cross our fingers that a movie gets made!

Happy watching :)

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