September 6, 2011

Wedding Season: Weekend Two

Last Friday, September 2 I headed back to the Cali airport for the third time in four weeks. I was headed to another weekend wedding in Minnesota, this time for my friends Alex & Lindsey. Thankfully, all my flights went as scheduled and I arrived in Minnesota on Friday night in time to catch the end of the rehearsal dinner and spend some time with my brother Joe, who happened to be in town as well.

Alex & I at the rehearsal dinner.

Siblings at Billy's on Grand.

Saturday I was dressed with my heels on by 11 AM for a full day of wedding festivities. After meeting up with Libby and Jon, the two other ushers, we met the wedding party in Minneapolis for a series of pictures and champagne bottles. Starting with Alex & Lindsey first seeing each other on the Stone Arch Bridge and finishing in Rice Park, we had a blast goofing around together and taking pictures. Since Alex and I are friends from middle school, we have a lot of mutual friends from growing up and/or we have met each other's friends along the way, so the whole wedding was a reunion of sorts. Even for Alex & Lindsey, who live in California now and do not get home to Minnesota too often.

Middle school friends reunited! Matt, Alex, Andrew & I in the hotel getting ready.

Right after Alex & Lindsey saw each other for the first time that day!

Ushers (with pockets)!

The actual wedding happened at 5 PM on Saturday night; as the day ended they said their vows on the banks of the river overlooking downtown St. Paul from Harriet Island. The whole setting was absolutely gorgeous and despite a very windy afternoon, the wedding was fun, memorable and special for everyone involved. The reception took place in the adjoining pavilion, so with usher duties completed, we proceeded to enjoy a delicious dinner and great company. Lucky for me, my parents were also at the wedding, so this allowed me to spend some time with them on what was actually a very short trip home.

With the parents overlooking downtown St. Paul.

The rest of the reception included many of the same characters that I attended my 8th grade dance at Falcon Ridge Middle School alcohol and (some) maturity over time - so in short I had a blast. Finished my cake and barely remember sitting down the rest of the night I was having so much fun dancing!

Wedding planner extraordinaire and my fabulous friend Liz.

First Dance to "She's Everything" by Brad Paisley

My Wedding Date :)

With the bride & groom one last time before saying goodbye!

The end of the night came all too soon and saying goodbye to everyone, especially Alex & Lindsey felt way harder than I thought it would be. As always happens when I get together with the people who knew me when I was young, I remember that feeling of connected-ness and being around other people who just "get me". That is hard thing to say goodbye to, especially when I do so for months at a time.

I spent Sunday recovering from the wedding by eating lots of delicious foods at the Minnesota State Fair AKA The Great Minnesota Get Together. Along with 229,942 of my closest Minnesotan BFFs I visited the Leinie Lodge, took part in a Summit on a Stick experience, ate pronto pups, rode the giant slide, listened to some music, and roamed the fair trying to find the people I came with since apparently 229,943 people cannot all get cell service at once. the weather was cool with that crisp hint of fall in the air, so I sported the Twins sweatshirt and enjoyed that end of summer feeling that hints of new beginnings and new adventures.

Let's clink our glasses to that, shall we? :)

Two Summer Shandys and Two Oktoberfests at the Leinie Lodge

Minnesota Twins & me!!!!

Giant slide with the mother.

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