November 28, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

When we first discovered that Kelsi's 29th birthday fell on a Friday we were pretty excited for some weekend festivities..... AND THEN we discovered it was also November 11, 2011 AKA 11-11-11. Whaaaaaaaat? Hello fantastic reason to have a ridiculous party in our apartment.  Lucky for us we were able to convince our friends that creating entirely new costumes just two weeks after Halloween was a completely necessary life-task AND I even got this guy to come down to visit and celebrate with us for the weekend. Lucky me ;)

Our friend Cassie also had a birthday on the lucky date, so we planned a joint party and asked everyone to come celebrate with their "favorite ladies from the 80s". Catchy, I know. I made it up, obvio. A weekend trip to centro for beverages and decorations, several shopping trips to various stores for miscellaneous costume pieces, and a condensed version of VH1's "Best of the 80s" later and we were ready to party! 

Kelsi and I made snacks beforehand - including salsa, guacamole, apple-berry fruit salsa, empanadas, and more. Cassie contributed with quite possibly the coolest cake that anyone I personally know has ever made - appropriately crafted in the shape of a Rubik's cube a la 80s fun. About 30 friends ended up attending our party filled with lots of ridiculous dance moves, hammocking on the patio, movies like Goonies playing in the background, and of course a celebration of the birthday girls at 11:11 PM on 11-11-11. Yes, it was fabulous. 

Here's how it looked...

 Michael & me! Didn't he do an amazing job pulling this outfit together??? And yes, he does own those sneakers for real. So there's that ;)

Birthday girl & me!

Ladies of the 80s in a range of workout gear, Madonna rock style and just general fabulousness that was the 80s. 

Rubik's Cube cake!!! So cool looking and tasted amazing! 

To say they got along is an understatement...I believe the phrase we they are using these days is "besties".  

Gentlemen of the 80s. 

Happy birthday Cassie and Kelsi!!!

Don't stop believin'....

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