November 28, 2011

The Wolf Talking Scene Was Weird...but I still loved it!

After a long day at school filled with chasing students around playing sports during our bi-annual Sports Day, I felt more than ready for a relaxing weekend. What better way to kick off that weekend than seeing Amanecer AKA Breaking Dawn: Part One??? 

Cassie scored us advanced tickets during break time, so after some post-school snacks at Crepes & Waffles we showed up to the theater ready to immerse ourselves in the world of vampires, werewolves, and the woman they love. Hooray! From themed popcorn containers to a post-movie photo shoot with the cardboard advertisements the whole afternoon was fabulous. I did encounter an entire row of about 20 former students upon entering the theater, but such is life here in the big-city with a small-town feel city of Cali.

Overall, I still love the movie and the series (haters - don't judge), and I think they did some things super well in the movie, while others not so much. The honeymoon scenes were well done, as tasteful as could be for a PG-13 movie about teenagers having sex. The wedding scene (and Bella's dress) felt perfect, just as I imagined it, complete with her and Edward awkwardly rendezvousing with Jacob in the woods nearby. When the wolves are in wolf form and need to communicate the voiceovers are a bit much and at times I felt like I was watching a low-budget children's movie...but in summary - I am still going to see Breaking Dawn: Part Dos when it comes out a year from now. 

The best part of seeing the movie in Colombia was easily the over-the-top reactions of everyone else in the theater. This included cheering during the wedding, gag noises during that (so awkward) birth scene, outbursts at the sight of Bella drinking blood, yelps when Jacob appeared on screen....I think there was even clapping when he imprinted on the baby??? Not sure. I was trying to take it all in...

 Happy opening day!!

 Bella schmella.

Movie goers and the characters we talk about like we know them in real life. Naturally.

Happy watching fellow Twilight fans! 

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