March 13, 2010

My Life List

Back in January I told you all about my decision to create a Life List, a list of things I want to do in the next 20 days, 20 months, 20 years, who knows...but things I want to do, or need to do. Since January I have edited the list a bit, but for the most part it remains as I initially wrote it. The items on this list, big or small, remain important for me and for my life, so for right now these 58 things complete the list. The list will of course need to be updated and with those updates it will probably change from time to time.
The purpose of publishing this list is not because I need feedback or for others to agree with my list, but more to provide me a sense of accountability. Some of these things will be extremely challenging, so I need someone else out there to remind me that "hey, you said you were going to go to every Major League Ballpark, so get going" (Although that probably won't be one of the ones I need to be pushed into) I need accountability, to you and to myself. So here you have it, the entire list. Happy reading and happy weekend! Off to celebrate an early St. Patty's Day! Cheers!


Bill Starr, CEO, My Life List said...

I just found your list and would love if you added it to my site The site was designed to do just as you note to create accountability, to allow for the list to be changed easily and best to share your success stories.

Love to know what you think.

Bill Starr
CEO, My Life List

Papa Rad's said...

test once again

Papa Rad's said...

ok, as lame as I am at leaving messages on blogs, I finally figured it out, weird. New Orleans and Jazz and Heritage Fest here we come!!! Maybe we can stay with Dr John since we are now close personal friends with him. Birmingham jail, Ebenezer Baptist in Atlanta, Selma Alabama and the bridge they marched over, MLK all the way! here we come. Free at last, free at last, Thank God a'mighty, we're free at last!

Barry said...

This is such a great list, very comprehensive. Amongst the loftier goals I think it's important to do a bunch of the smaller ones, to feel that you're making progress. Just my opinion, unsolicited as it may be. :) I think it's great that you're doing this.

I gave you an award on my blog Kristin!

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