March 14, 2010

So Delicious! (A Day at Rio Pance)

For my Minnesota readers - you know how Fridays from May to September ensure a mass exodus from the Twin Cities to northern MN (Brainerd, Duluth, etc)? Well, today I participated in the Colombian version of this event - leaving a hot, busy city to engage in some rest and relaxation near the small town of Pance. Pance is only about 10 minutes from school, so about 30-40 minutes from our house, and is basically a little down in the foothills of the mountains with a river running alongside it.
After hearing great things about the nature and ambiance around Pance, we decided to go exploring. Thanks to my roommate Steph's new car, our trip was easy as pi. (cause today is pi day - in case you didn't know!...oh math jokes) We arrived in Pance a bit after 10am and found several great spots along the river to take naps, eat our picnic lunches and go for a swim to cool off! The water is chilly, but not icy cold, and feels so refreshing after being in the hot equatorial sun. As our students often tell us about anything especially fabulous, the water felt "so delicious"*!
By about noon the riverside was full of families and people out enjoying the day, and on our drive home we saw people along the river for a good 3 or 4 miles down the road. Rio Pance is truly the beach of Cali. I loved the chance to get out of the city a bit, even just for a few hours, and enjoy a little bit of nature. Colombia is such a beautiful country, but sometimes that is hard to remember when you live in a city!
Here are some pictures from the day:
Steph, Kelsi and I along the Rio Pance.
Kelsi and I talking a walk in the of many times when I am so thankful for my Keens sandals.
Not a bad way to spend a Sunday...
The madness that is Rio Pance on the weekends.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and enjoying the switch to daylight savings time - I am now back on the same time zone as everyone in the Midwest. Hooray!
*Colombians use the word delicious to describe anything that feels really good - it's hilarious and sort of endearing unless your Kelsi and teach 3rd grade & part of your job is to improve your students' use of English grammar.

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