March 10, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences Part Dos

As you can probably tell from my gloomy attitude it's getting to be that time in the semester when the days feel longer and everyone under legal drinking age seems overly obnoxious... Must mean its time for parent teacher conferences! For two days every one of my students will come to school with his or parent(s) to meet with each teacher about the student's progress thus far. Day one was today and we will finish up tomorrow. Just like first semester, I am finding this entire process incredibly entertaining for so many reasons. To name a few...
  • Colombians place a huge emphasis on appearance and dress, so of course all my mothers (and fathers too) come dressed to the nines. I think this is partially for my benefit and partially because they see other parents in passing and need to maintain a good impression.
  • Not only are Colombians very obsessed with personal appearance, but they also inherently notice the appearance of others. Today, mid-conference, a mother stopped to comment on how nicely my nails are painted. Thank lady, can we now discuss the fact that your daughter has 68%. Great, thanks.
  • The apple does not fall far from the tree. If you have ever in your life doubted this bit of wisdom, become a teacher and watch kids with their parents. HILARIOUS. From mannerisms to personality to looks, there is so much to learn from meeting a student's parents! I cannot even explain the number of times I thought to myself today, "Ohhhhh that's what he/she is like that."
  • Some of my students are absolutely amazing, nice, warm, kind people and I really love them. Even more I love telling their parents that I think their son/daughter is awesome, because who doesn't need to hear a bit of positive feedback on their teenager from time to time.
  • Some of my students need to get it together and stop acting like their homework will complete itself or they will magically pass my class by putting forth zero effort. The parents of these students get it and are more than happy to back me up when I mention their student's shortcomings. If I have to tell kids they need to work on their behavior at least I have some parent back up.
  • School provided snacks during break time. Mmmmm....fresh empanadas today :)
  • Let's be honest, sitting down to have a chat with some parents and their students is easier than teaching on any given day.
Wherever this work week finds you, I hope you are doing something equally insightful :) Cheers!

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