March 17, 2011

Summer Plans

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

I hope you are finding a way to celebrate all things green, the start of March Madness and (almost) the end of another work week! This week has been super easy here at school because about half of the 8th grade (50 students) is away at a sports tournament in another city. Therefore, with fewer students and a condensed schedule I am more caught up on lesson planning, organizing my room, emailing parents, etc. than ever before.

With all this extra free time my mind definitely wanders to my favorite free-time activity >>> future trip/adventure planning! This morning I read this from two of my favorite travel bloggers and got the itch to plan new things. Also, one of my best friends from home just got back from a week long trip to the Pacific Northwest of the United States and her pictures look fabulous.

This spring will be filled with new adventures, including a spring break trip with Kelsi to Medellin and Rio Claro. We will spend a few days at a nature reserve by the river sleeping in a tree house type structure with only three walls before spending some time enjoying the sleek city life of Medellin. After that there are only a few shorts weeks until Anna visits from Wyoming for two weeks in Colombia! She will get to see a snapshot of my life in Cali before we travel a bit to the Pacific Coast and coffee region of Colombia.

And then and then and then it's SUMMER IN MINNESOTA!!! Ah I cannot adequately express my excitement for Minnesota summers; they are just seriously so fantastic! Something about being cooped up all winter long (okay not me exactly, but you know, people who actually live in Minnesota year-round) and then having all the snow melt away to the glorious sunshine is a serious three-month-long reason to celebrate. And celebrate we do - Minnesota style. With afternoons at the lakes, roller-blading along the river, happy hours on all your favorite patios, Cities 97 Oake on the Water, Grand Old Days, outdoor music, driving with the windows all the way down, Jamba Juice to beat the heat, bonfires, Twins games, grill-outs, my day of birth, etc, etc.

In addition to all the Midwestern summer-lovin' adventures I will be making a few trips around the US to see various friends and family. I definitely have a few days planned in Wisconsin, Wyoming and Washington state. Follow that up with two trips back to Minnesota in early fall for weddings and I will pretty much be a regular at MSP International Airport.

To answer your question, yes I love birthday presents in the form of plane tickets, thanks. :)

So >>> where is your next adventure leading you???

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