March 21, 2011

Three Words for Japan

Some of you may have heard about the Three Words for Japan project discussed on ABC News. This project basically came about as a way to show support and encouragement for the people of Japan. We heard about the project from our friend Hana, who teaches second grade and has family in Japan right now. The idea was that the supplies, the food, the clothing, etc., while completely necessary, will not really be an immediate fix to the devastation of this natural disaster. However, something we can do to stand with Japan right here and now is to document our support.

Thus, Three Words for Japan videos have been springing up all over YouTube, and this is just the latest installment. You see a lot and hear a lot about my 8th grade students on this blog, but this will give you a sneak peek into Kelsi's 3rd grade classroom. She did this project with her students last week and this is the resulting video of their Three Words for Japan.



Papa Rad's said...

ah, heart warming, the beautiful, pure, untainted spirit and hope and joy and love that eminates from kids -- all over the world. What a fun, nice thing to do - 3 Words for Japan.

And what would I be without commenting on the music? Wait 'til you hear this -- the song "Everybody's Talkin'" was a hit in the late 60's or maybe early 70's, written by a folky guy named Freddy Neil -- he was the doorman and booked the acts at one of the main folk clubs (Gerde's Folk City I think) in Greenwich Village back then, and of course booked and knew one Bob Dylan.

JuliedP said...

Awesome video Kristin; thanks for sharing.

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