March 6, 2011

The Time I Spent An Entire Saturday at School Playing Bingo

On Saturday Kelsi and I made the trek to school for an annual fundraiser held to make money for some of the bus drivers and maintenance workers at our school. In the past, some of the money has gone to funding class parties for our already-well-advantaged students, so I was happier to participate knowing that the money went to a good cause.

Bolivar Day consists of tons of carnival games, those big giant jumpy castle things, arts and crafts, lots of food tents, free coffee slushy things and a four-hour marathon bingo session. Last year I played four hours of Bingo without winning any prizes, but still had a great time, so this year I was excited to participate again.

We got there at noon, Kelsi worked her shift at the primary carnival booth, we ate some lunch and settled in with our fellow teachers for some good old-fashioned Spanish. Attempting to keep up with our multiple playing boards and the numbers in Spanish proved challenging, but we made it work.....AND Kelsi, Hana and I all won!! I won big because I won when no one else called bingo, and thus I did not have to share my prizes. :) In my prize packet I received gift cards to some Cali restaurants, a set of grilling tools, a coffee maker (we needed a new one!) and a free nights stay for four people at Club Los Andes. The Club is basically like a country club where you can stay overnight. I looked it up online today and it is about one hour from where we live in Cali and looks super fun! They have a huge pool and water slides :) So one of these weekends we will have to head over there to check it out.

Overall - not a bad Saturday...even if I was technically at school for six hours.

The carnival games spread out all over the green spaces at school. Kelsi and I couldn't get over this matching father and son combo.

Ready for some bingo!

Showing off some of my winnings! I later gifted this grilling set to my friend Rob since we don't have a grill!

Me = happy with my win. Stetson = angry that he wasn't listening closely and missed out on winning because "sesenta y seis" (66) and "setenta y seis" (76) sound quite similar in Spanish.

Kelsi and Hana won at the same time! Thus, they shared their prizes with each other and this guy.

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Sergio is Somewhere said...

it was sesenta ya tres. (also, there was no 76 but i wish i had an excuse that good) still bitter.

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