March 6, 2011

Thursday Night Rituals & Gossip Girl Games

{because he's chuck bass}

I'm a "show" person. I don't flip on the television to channel surf or have background noise or to fall asleep. But I definitely turn it on weekly (or in the case of Colombia, turn on my computer weekly) to watch my favorite shows. From the old stand-bys like Grey's Anatomy to new favorites like Modern Family, I love to immerse myself in the lives of my favorite characters for an hour each week.

One of my favorite things about shows is having friends to discuss them with. What's better than getting together with a bunch of your friends to discuss the latest in the life of Ted Mosby, Chuck Bass, Meredith Grey, Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, Jim & Pam or Sheldon Cooper? For me, shows are as good a reason as any to get some friends together at the end of another work day.

Since indoctrinating both Kelsi and our friend Mandi into the world of Gossip Girl, we have started getting together on Thursday nights to have some wine and watch the latest developments on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Thursdays are a good night to un-wind and get excited for the weekend ahead!

However, the CW network doesn't seem to understand the devotion we have for their little shows, so Gossip Girl is currently on a six-week hiatus, not to return until April 18th. What's a group of girls to do in the mean time??? Never fear. We are going to start watching the series over again, starting with Season One, Episode One. However, this time we are going to make note of the things our favorite characters do habitually; the little things that make each episode so fun to watch. We might just make a game out of it... ;)

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