February 17, 2010

40 days of serious self-discipline...can I do this?

At home in Minnesota, my parents raised my three brothers and I as Catholics and as is Catholic tradition, each year for Lent we would "give something up" that we would miss. Usually soda or candy or something. As I got older I stopped giving stuff up because I didn't have very many unhealthy eating habits, so giving up something wouldn't really be a big challenge.

Well here I am in Colombia and I still have pretty healthy eating habits.
  • I actually do eat an apple a day, whether or not it keeps the doctor away.
  • I do not drink coffee every morning, but tea instead. While I do enjoy coffee a lot (reference blog title), I don't need it every day.
  • I love fresh fruit, like a lot of it, and Colombia is land of constantly available fresh fruit.
  • I don't eat very much red meat...maybe one a week, if that.
  • Whether it's a healthy living choice, or more because they gross me out, I do not use condiments. Most people find this extremely weird, but I can't help it...salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, mayo, ranch, etc....they all creep me out.
  • I only eat whole grain bread, and other whole grains when possible.
  • I rarely have soda.
There you have some of my healthier eating habits. However, since moving to Colombia, or rather since having a full time job as a first year teacher, I have found myself falling into the habit of just making things that are quick & easy rather than delicious & nutritious. (I don't really know why I keep rhyming things in this post...sorry)

Therefore, I am going to attempt what six months ago I would have deemed absolutely impossible. For forty days, I am going to give up eating all rice and all pasta. Yeah, yeah, I know the whole grain stuff is good for you and all, but I figure if I am going to do this I better go all the way. Basically this will be a huge experiment in self-discipline to see if I can hack it, but also a challenge to slow down. Make better meals. Healthier meals. And take my time with them, because I really do love cooking. I figure I already have the pasta and rice cooking down* so i am going to take these 40 days to come up with new things to cook and try and love just as much as I love pasta. :) Here's to hoping I succeed! Cheers.

*At least on the stove, don't even come near me with a rice cooker, they confuse me, just ask my roommates.


doniree said...

You and Kyla and I posted similar things today about healthy eating habits :) I tried giving up pasta for 30 days, and only had it five times in those 30 days, which is still a dramatic improvement. Instead, I'm swapping spaghetti squash for pasta SOMETIMES (and finding that I really, really love it), and adding lots of veggies to pasta and rice dishes. Good luck with your Lent choices!

Ilse said...

Kristin, I admire your pledge but I could never do it. I eat pasta for almost every meal. Strength!~!

Bethany said...

Ohhh, good luck! I don't eat pasta very much-- I'd have a much harder time actually eating fruit or giving up cheese. Man, I love me my cheese!

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