February 21, 2010

Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night: Pub Crawl 2010

I officially LOVE LOVE LOVE all of my wonderful friends here in Cali. After a difficult week at school I felt so ready for this weekend to arrive - and with it the "pub" crawl planned by my friend Scott. I use the term "pub" crawl loosely, because we didn't actually go to bars. Since bars in Cali are mostly centered around super loud music and dancing, you cannot actually go to bars if you plan on talking at all.
Therefore, Scott designed a pub crawl that actually went from one house to another in a neighborhood of Cali where several teachers live. Seven houses in total participated in the crawl and each house had a unique drink and theme to go with it. The evening was such a great chance to spend quality time together and also enjoy delicious snacks & drinks. My favorites of the night were Angie & Caleb's grasshopper drinks and the coconut flan with rum-soaked pineapple at Kelsi's house!
House #1: Mexico
Squeezing some fresh lime juice for margaritas!
Seth blending up the margaritas.
Representing the middle school math department!
The whole pub crawl crew - impressive!
Stephanie & I enjoying mojitos at Kelsi's house (House #2 - Cuba theme).
House #4: Caleb & Angie's insect theme with grasshoppers and lady bug cupcakes!!
House #5: NYC with Cosmopolitans, mini hot dogs & the Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty welcomes you!
Scott being the official time keeper of the pub crawl.
Kelsi & I mid-pub crawl.
House #6: Enjoying fruity drinks and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Mmmmm...
House #7: Catie and Scott's classy red wine with cheese, bread and grapes theme
By the end of the evening we had all decided that this MUST happen again next year, we MUST make t-shirts and there MUST be personalized cups for all involved. I cannot wait!
Cheers to a fun and successful weekend!

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Lisa said...

What a fun idea! Love all the different themes!

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