February 11, 2010


Hi friends! Just a quick post to update everyone:

Today is our last day of school for the week, as our mid-year break gives us a long weekend! Hooray! No school on Friday means plenty of travel time, so a group of us are off to Medellin tonight. Medellin is the last of the three big cities in Colombia (Bogota, Cali, Medellin) and I have been wanting to visit for quite some time. We found some cheap airfare, so off we go! I hope to find time in the three days to check out many Fernando Botero sculptures, the Medellin metro (only one in Colombia!), the Medellin micro brewery, botanical gardens and maybe even Pablo Escobar's gravesite??? We will see what time allows!

Back late Sunday night, so look for updates on Monday! Have a great weekend :)

1 comment:

doniree said...

I hear "Medellin" and I think Entourage.

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