February 8, 2010

Yearbook Photos

Remember getting ready for school on the day you had your photo taken for the yearbook? Everyone wore a "nice outfit" picked out by their mother the night before. The boys had fresh haircuts and the girls got up extra early to do their hair? However, to an unfortunate few, the efforts did not help and terribly awkward yearbook photos resulted.

Today is yearbook photo day here at school and I sort of forgot until about 6 am this morning. Whoooops. My yearbook photo will reflect more of my true self that a more done-up version of me, but that's probably better anyway. My students will remember more of what I looked like on a daily basis.

This year's photo process was extremely pain-free, as opposed to when you had to line up in the gym with your whole class and stand there while everyone else got their picture taken. Steph and I walked in, got our photos taken and left. I even lucked out on not having to take any of my classes to pictures! Sweeeeeeet. One thing to note, however - how come yearbook photographers always make you turn to the side and then look at the camera?? It feels so unnatural!! And this guy took pictures from both sides - what is he going to personally go through all of them and select my best side?? Weird.

With that, I wish you a fabulous Monday! As I informed my students today in an impromptu lesson on fractions, Mondays make up 1/7 of your life - that's 14.3%. You better start loving them :)

1 comment:

Bethany said...

I'm glad yearbook photos went well! I looove taking photos, but do not like photos of myself at all. LOL!

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