February 23, 2010

Until Further Notice: I will be bonding with 88 8th graders in the wilderness

Hi friends! The three day field trip adventure starts tomorrow at 6 am when we board the buses with most of the eighth grade class and ten chaperones!
We are bound for the Termales de San Vicente, or thermal pools at San Vicente, for three days of activities with our students, including a waterfall hikes, natural thermal pools, canopy zip lines, rappelling, and more! I would imagine there will be some game playing, movie watching and swimming in there as well, so it should be a good time. Despite some recent qualms about the trip I am excited for our departure in.......seven and half hours! YIKES! Off to bed!
Until Friday...

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Mis.SueƱos said...

Hi Kristin!

My name is Ellie and I am a senior at the University of TN.

After I studied abroad in Costa Rica during the Spring semester of 2009, I became interested in teaching English in Central or South America. I would really like to teach in South America and I came across your blog.

From the research I have done on teaching English abroad, a person doesn't necessarily need a teaching degree, but just a college degree. I realize that you teach math, but how does your school work? Does your school have English teachers that do not have teaching degrees from the US? How did you find you school, roommates, and how did you get started? If I gave you my email, could we correspond? I really need advice!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much! ANNDDD I love reading your blog.


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