October 10, 2011

I don't really know if I can continue to claim I have a full-time job.

Between now and Christmas I will teach exactly one (count it!) full week of school. WHAT???

No really...one week. Needless to say things will be busy. Hashtag understatement. Here's what I have to look forward to outside of the classroom:

  • Week of October 10 - Three days of curriculum development then no class Thursday or Friday as I spend time with Katie (who arrives here on Wednesday morning!!! YAY VISITORS!!!) in the coffee region of Colombia
  • Week of October 17 - No school on Monday to celebrate Dia de La Raza aka Columbus Day except in South America we call it "Day of the Race" as we commemorate all the people who died when Columbus "found" America, then Katie comes to school on Tuesday
  • Week of October 24 - Two days of parent-student-teacher conferences (hello two days of speaking almost exclusively in Spanish!)
  • Week of October 31 - Three days of the annual 8th Grade Field Trip to the hot springs of San Vicente. Attempt to balance my love of adventure and getting to know my students outside the classroom with my extreme dislike of feeling like the mother of 105 adolescents for three days straight. 
  • Week of November 7 - No school on Monday (hooray for one extra day to recover from working 24-7 on the field trip!), then the boy gets here Thursday night, just in time to check out school on Friday and then celebrate Kelsi's 29th birthday on 11-11-11 with an 80s themed party 
  • Week of November 14 - No school on Monday 
  • Week of Novemebr 21 - The mother gets here on Monday night, just in time for the annual faculty Thanksgiving dinner at school on Tuesday night, and then we are off to the Caribbean island of San Andres for four days of sun, sand and surf with Kelsi
  • Week of November 28 - Teach. For five days in a row. THE HORROR.
  • Week of December 5 - Teach. For three days. Have a random Thursday off for the Immaculate Conception. Go to school on Friday. 
  • Week of December 13 - FINALS. Then one day of returning finals. Then one half day of school. 

Winter break 2010 - 2011 in Argentina! The tickets are booked! We have a loose itinerary! Hello Patagonian hiking to awesome glaciers, hello biking tours of wineries with Mr. Hugo (Merry Christmas to us!), hello exciting Sunday markets in artsy Buenos Aires neighborhoods!

It's a crazy, beautiful, wonderful, busy, full life, no? Hooray for upcoming adventures, visitors and vacations. Happy fall :) 


Samuel Solomon said...

Hello! I am coming to teach in Colombia too and I would like very much to subscribe to your blog but can't find a simple 'subscribe' button. Can you help?? Thanks so much! ~Samuel

Kristin said...

Hi there! There is a subscribe via email or via RSS reader button at the bottom of my blog. Thanks for reading.

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