January 8, 2012

Argentina By the Numbers

A summary of Argentina from the mathematical part of my brain:
(more details to come soon!)

Cities visited: 5 (Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazu, Mendoza, Cafayate, Salta)

Backpacking backpacks on the trip: 4

Rollie bags on the trip: 1 (Oh Stetson)

Kilometers traveled in bus: 4,276

Hours traveled in bus: 59

Flights both in Argentina & getting there: 9

Cost of Argentina entry stamp: 602 pesos ($140 USD)

New Spanish words learned: 23

New Spanish words learned relating to wine/beer: 7

Nicknames created: 3 (Robie, Stetsie-Wetsie & Stetsie-Fing-Wetsie)

Times someone got sick in an airport: 1

Free Metro rides in Buenos Aires: 2

Free Metro shows: 1 unforgettable performance

Number of hands Rob can clap with: 1

Minutes spent waiting for Stetson to take pictures/while shopping: immeasurable

Starbucks visits: 5

Rice cakes consumed: 70

Rice cakes consumed by Kelsi: 41

Wine corks from bottles purchased on our own (not from restaurants): 15

Cars driven: 0

Cars paid for in 20% deposit: 1

Types of grapes that make wine: 12

Hours spent at the Tucuman bus terminal: 7

People who ride the Buenos Aires Metro around 6:30 PM: too many

Bodegas visited: 6 (3 in Mendoza & 3 in Cafayate)

Boxing movies watched on buses/planes: 3

Sunny days per year in Cafayate, Argentina: 340

Broken bicycles: 2

Kilometers Stetson biked (one way) to Quilmes ruins: 57

Kilometers Stetson thought he had to bike to Quilmes ruins: 25

Uncomfortable conversations in Spanish: 4 (1 on a bus, 2 in the car rental office & 1 in a tango bar)

VERY Public Breastfeeding Sightings: 5

Push-ups completed by Narissa while wearing her backpack: 0

Push-ups completed by Rob while wearing Narissa's backpack: 10

Museums visited: 5

Waterfalls that make up Iguazu Falls: 275 spanning 2.7 km

Height of Devil's Throat waterfall at Iguazu Falls: 82 m

Sleepovers in the Santiago, Chile airport: 1


Sergio is Somewhere said...

i feel the public breast-feedings number is a little low...maybe adding a buffered five more is in order?

Sam Heather said...

Hahaha, LOVE this post!

Cassie said...

LOVE this! Great job integrating math into your trip and blog :-)

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