January 29, 2012

Bye Misis

"Misis, are you staying next year?"

When a class of 13-year-olds asks you a point blank question like that, you better answer them straight on. They dish out enough B.S. in their daily lives that they are pretty accustomed to detecting it in others, so I decided to tell them how it is. 

I guess the same is now true for my blog.

The truth is, and has been since I decided in November, that I am officially leaving my job in Colombia at the end of this school year. For the purpose of being much closer to family and friends, come June 2012, I am Minnesota bound! 

There will be plenty of blog posts to write about final to-dos, goodbyes, things I learned, things I will miss, things I won't miss, and somehow trying to capture the last three years, for now...here is what you need to know. 

Shortly after telling some of my current 8th grade students that I am leaving in June, I knew I needed to tell some of the students in 9th grade who I am still close to after last year. I didn't want them to hear from the rumor mill, and I have always asked them to be straight with me, so I owe them that in return. Last week I told some of the girls and boys I still talk to on a regular basis about my decision. I will forever love them for their gracious response and exclamations of "You can't leave!" when in all reality, it's not like I am their teacher anymore anyway.

One student in particular, who I taught for two years in a row on account of his not passing 8th grade the first time around, came to my room later, just to chat as he often does. While there, we talked about 9th grade math, new student gossip (duh!) and his Christmas vacation. This student loves music, and while we chatted, he sat at my desk and played music on my speakers while I was helping a few other students who came for after school help. When he left, I found the following notes, in order, posted to my computer screen...

 {yes, they all call me misis...they call all their female teachers that}

 {he only knows this because another 8th grade teacher is from Wisconsin}

 {yes, I also talk to them about Gossip Girl...I think this is a threat for what happens if I leave...}

While to just anyone, this isn't too much, but from a now 15-year-old boy, and this one in particular, this is A TON. He is someone who jokes around about 99% of the time in an effort to never show actual feelings, and these few post-its are a testament to the working relationship we spent two school years building. Yeah, I can't wait to be closer to family and friends in Minnesota, but Colombia and its people and my students will always have a very special place in my heart.



Tara said...

**heart heart double heart!!**

I still miss my little freaks every.single.day. Enjoy your last few months there!!! :)

Also -- you got a tattoo. (period, or question mark?) Tell me that we can Skype this weekend or I may go crazy(er).

sts said...

omg. i just saw this. tears. in. my. eyes. love.

Kristin said...

Thanks ladies! It will definitely be a very, very hard place to leave. Better enjoy it until June!!

Sam Heather said...

That is the cutest series of post it notes ever.

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